1. Getting pretty stoked to be on the “Daredevil: 50 Years” panel @saltlakecomiccon


  2. When Doctor Who erotic fan-fiction goes too far…. #Bukardis #DildonicScrewdriver



  4. If I’m ever half the man my father is, I will have won at life.


  5. Added 4 paws to my family today. Meet Michael Cera (formerly Mouse). Also pictured, Sherman The Dog Of Dogs.


  6. 111 plays

    Perfect example why #WWE is mis-using @ReneeYoungWWE & why a throw-back to the ring is needed


  7. It’s time for that game we all love “Comic Book Guy or Pedo”


  8. that’s 12,222 tweets! Though… this one makes 12,223.


  9. Love this cover by IMMONEN, GRAWBADGER, GRACIA #AllNewXmen #30


  10. Probably the greatest “BuzzFeed” post to happen on my facebook feed, ever.