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    This song brings back a ton of nostalgia. You might remember the opening scene of “Simple Pleasures.”

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  2. "You don’t look like a wine person" said the liquor store clerk. #MostGratifyingNonComplimentEver 


  3. Hockey jersey weather! A fat man rejoices.


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    A stack of comics, new madlib album and the Applie Pie Shooter from @RefractionFaf #ThankGalactusItsFriday

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  5. bobsburgersfan:

    "It was lunchtime at Wagstaff.  Touching butts had been banned by the horrible Headmaster Frond.  Suddenly, Tina Belcher appeared in the doorway. She knew what she had to do.  She grabbed jimmy’s butt, and changed the world"

    -Tina’s erotic friend-fiction from the episode “Bad Tina” (S2E8)

    (If you guys request it, I will make gifs of the rest of the sequence.)


  6. Getting pretty stoked to be on the “Daredevil: 50 Years” panel @saltlakecomiccon


  7. When Doctor Who erotic fan-fiction goes too far…. #Bukardis #DildonicScrewdriver



  9. If I’m ever half the man my father is, I will have won at life.


  10. Added 4 paws to my family today. Meet Michael Cera (formerly Mouse). Also pictured, Sherman The Dog Of Dogs.